Dog-walking-learning , Riemann mystery continues and the return of LCD Soundsystem

Dog-walk learning

Quiet-ish couple of days on the mission front.  Rugby and work filling a lot of time.  However, in recent months I have learnt to regain time lost on dog-walking by listening to the following wonderful podcasts:


All brilliant in their own ways.  My introduction to James Turnbull and his books came from the DevOps cafe.  The Kelsey Hightower episode was a classic too.  The reminders I add to my phone to look at post-walk grows every time,

If anyone can recommend any more podcasts, please let me know.

Riemann mystery continues

Not had time to look at this in any detail, but issue remains.  I clear out the huge files and get an email the following day when the next log files grows to consume all of my space.

It appears the issue occurs, in Art Of Monitoring speak, on my Riemann Mission Control host.  So maybe other Riemann hosts are spamming it.  We will see.   The other two Riemann hosts and all Carbon hosts are performing well.

LCD Soundsystem are back

Finally, it is always a good week when this lot put out new music.  Not related to my mission but I am sure it will soundtrack much of my studying in the coming weeks.



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